Dos and Don'ts

Click here for examples of good and bad CVs.

• Do not include irrelevant personal information unless requested (age, race, gender, marital status, number of children).
• Do not include irrelevant job or educational information (too long ago or not relevant to the job).
• Do not lie or use misleading information.
• Do not use technical vocabulary unless you are sure the reader will understand it.
• Do not hide important information.
• Do not have unexplained gaps.
• Do not give French department numbers to indicate locations. These are completely meaningless for an employer outside of France.
• Do use a clear format – most CVs will be read on-screen.
• Do update your CV regularly and adapt the content for each employer.
• Do use the active instead of the passive. Use action words. “Resolved conflicts between …” has much more impact than “responsible for dealing with inter-departmental issues”. (Examples of action words to follow).

The most common reasons for not getting an interview:
1. Typing errors, and poor spelling and grammar
2. Listing duties instead of achievements
3. Not tailoring your CV
4. Visually unappealing and difficult to read
5. Too long or too short

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