Group 1 Classwork
Date Activities
10/12/09 Discussion about how to maintain level of English, present simple game
03/12/09 Comparatives & superlatives, irregular verbs
26/11/09 Future with 'going to', describing plans, irregular verbs
19/11/09 Telephone calls, will, role play
12/11/09 Review of present & past tenses, the weather
22/10/09 Past simple, irregular verbs, business documents
15/10/09 Past simple, irregular verbs, holidays, role plays
08/10/09 Past simple of regular verbs, role plays
01/10/09 Past simple of 'be', questions, role plays
24/09/09 Review prepositions of time, present continuous for the future, travel, questions and time
17/09/09 Review present simple & continuous, gerunds. Dates, days, times and prepositions of time
10/09/09 Present continuous, gerunds, spare time activities
03/09/09 Revise present simple, adverbs of frequency, pronunciation
09/07/09 Home vocabulary, adjectives, numbers, times, dates & email addresses
02/07/09 Directions, there is/are
25/06/09 Business facilities, there is/are, need
18/06/09 Talking about the internet, can & can't, pronunciation
11/06/09 Emails, asking questions about emails
04/06/09 Emails, asking for clarification
28/05/09 Daily routines, time, present simple negative
14/05/09 Jobs, numbers, dates, describing a company
07/05/09 Grammar review - have, have got, be, interrogatives, personal pronouns, jobs and workplace vocabulary, pronunciation
30/04/09 Food, money, plurals
23/04/09 Revise numbers and time, money, food
02/04/09 Grammar review - have, have got, be, family vocabulary, pronunciation, numbers, time, email addresses, role play
26/03/09 Grammar review - have, have got, be, family and drink vocabulary, role plays
19/03/09 Conversations, countries, locations, pronunciation
12/03/09 Conversations, alphabet, pronunciation, present simple of be, have, have got
05/03/09 Conversations, pronunciation
26/02/09 Alphabet, pronunciation, listening, meeting people role plays, numbers
05/02/09 Alphabet, pronunciation, meeting people role play
29/01/09 Pronunciation, alphabet, numbers, prepositions, history of English
22/01/09 Needs analysis, choice of book, pronunciation practise
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