Group 3 Classwork
Date Activities
08/12/09 Maintaining level of English, time, dates, numbers, email & web addresses, article 'the', discussion
01/12/09 Compound nouns with some, any, no, listening comprehension, present perfect
24/11/09 Quantifiers, numbers, listening at normal speed
17/11/09 Computers and internet
10/11/09 Hotels, role plays
20/10/09 Should, have to, must, would, need to, first & second conditional
13/10/09 Should, have to, must, can, could, would, second conditional
06/10/09 Review of commonly used verbs
29/09/09 Eating out, slow food
22/09/09 Listening comprehension, emails, communication verbs
15/09/09 Present continuous for the future, pronunciation
08/09/09 Present continuous, listening at normal speed, intonation, role play
01/09/09 Pronunciation, error correction, listening at normal speed, listening comprehension, gap fill dialogue
07/07/09 Listening, pronunciation, practising tenses
30/06/09 Air travel, role plays
23/06/09 Past simple & continuous, dates, pronunciation
16/06/09 Talking about a company, listening at normal speed, pronunciation
09/06/09 Welcoming a visitor, pronunciation
02/06/09 Sport, pronunciation, irregular verbs
26/05/09 Emails, grammar review - passive, active, do, make, prepositions, work & job
19/05/09 Quantifiers, jobs, emails
12/05/09 Meeting a visitor, role play, food, comparatives and superlatives
05/05/09 Adjectives, describing people you work with, pronunciation
28/04/09 Talking about where you work, countable & uncountable nouns, there is/are and quantifiers
21/04/09 Describing cities and travel, prepositions, listening and pronunciation
31/03/09 Talking about companies, prepositions, taking telephone messages, role plays
24/03/09 Work routines, listening and pronunciation, adverbs of frequency
17/03/09 Modals, pronunciation, listening at normal speed, adjectives, weekend activities
10/03/09 Ensure, insure, assure, make sure, job responsibility nouns and verbs, telephoning, listening, reading, role plays
03/03/09 Pronunciation, listening, job responsibilities
24/02/09 Pronunciation, listening at normal speed, reading, prepositions, job responsibilities, role play
03/02/09 Alphabet practise, pronunciation, grammar review - have, have got, be, listening at normal speed, meeting people, role play, irregular verbs
27/01/09 Needs analysis, choice of book, pronunciation practise
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