Group 3 Homework
Date Homework
01/12/09 Read the document here and discuss your ideas
24/11/09 Complete the exercises here See Resources/grammar if you need any explanations
17/11/09 Page 76 Ex 1 & 3
10/11/09 Describe your favourite website. Can we guess what it is?
20/10/09 Describe a hotel and its facilities. Try these exercises about 'could' here
13/10/09 Finish making questions from the handout and write more sentences using the verb list prepared on 6 October
06/10/09 Write sentences using some of the verbs we used today. And, try this conditional exercise
29/09/09 Choose an Asian or Far Eastern country and describe it. And Must or have to exercise
22/09/09 Describe the last time you went to a restaurant. If you haven't done the present perfect exercises from 23/06/09 then please do them - in English,in French If you have done them, then please choose another exercise from these websites
15/09/09 Bring in an example email and reply and try the exercises at the bottom of this page here
08/09/09 Do you do any charity work? If so, what? If not, what would you do if you had the opportunity? Try these grammar exercises here
01/09/09 Discuss a news item that interests you
07/07/09 Pages 54 & 55 - Revision 1
30/06/09 Complete the In the Air and Prepositions exercises here
23/06/09 What can go wrong when you fly? Try the grammar exercises in English here or in French here
16/06/09 Talk about an exciting experience in the past. Try the grammar exercises at the bottom of this page
09/06/09 None
02/06/09 Describe the last time you met a visitor
26/05/09 Talk about your favourite sport
19/05/09 Complete the email dialogues
12/05/09 What do you like about your job - use comparatives and superlatives
05/05/09 Describe your favourite meal
28/04/09 Describe the positive and negative things about Impress using there is/are
21/04/09 Describe the facilities in your work area
31/03/09 Choose an anglophone city and describe it
24/03/09 Choose a news item to discuss
17/03/09 Prepare to talk about your work routines
10/03/09 Prepare to ask and answer questions about weekend activities
03/03/09 Write out sentences using the job responsibiliy verbs and nouns
24/02/09 Write about your job responsibilities
03/02/09 Bring in a picture you can describe
27/01/09 Listen and practise the vowel and consonant sounds here
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