Group 4 Homework
Date Homework
03/12/09 Read the document here and discuss your ideas
26/11/09 Page 89, complete the dialogues
19/11/09 Complete the quantifier exercise here
12/11/09 Page 76 Sounds good, Ex 1 & 3
22/10/09 Describe your favourite website. We have to guess what it is
15/10/09 Describe an Asian or Far Eastern country
08/10/09 Page 62, Ex 1. Complete the dialogues
01/10/09 Look at this link here and find something interesting to tell us next week about English humour. Bring in a copy of a typical email and reply
24/09/09 Complete the Traders' bonuses exercise here
17/09/09 Complete the Climate change exercise here
10/09/09 Discuss a news item that interests you
03/09/09 What did you do last weekend?
09/07/09 Revision 1 pages 54 & 55
02/07/09 Describe your ideal company. Complete the company profile sheet here and include how you would treat your employees in the 'notes for employees' section
25/06/09 Describe what you like and don't like about your job
18/06/09 Complete Ex 1 here
11/06/09 Can you work out the menu prices on the handout?
04/06/09 What is your favourite meal?
28/05/09 Describe the type of people you work with
14/05/09 Describe the facilities where you work
07/05/09 Describe your best and worst shopping experience
30/04/09 Describe a well-known company. We have to guess which one it is
23/04/09 Talk about your work routines
02/04/09 What activities do you do in your spare time?
26/03/09 What can go wrong when you fly?
19/03/09 Describe a hotel and its facilities
12/03/09 Choose a city and describe what there is to see there
05/03/09 Complete the handout here
26/02/09 Write out a typical telephone conversation
05/02/09 Prepare to be interviewed about your job responsibilities
29/01/09 Bring in a picture you can describe
22/01/09 Listen and practise the alphabet, vowel and consonant sounds here
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