Group 5 Classwork
Date Activities
08/12/09 Maintaining level of English, role plays
01/12/09 Numbers, dates, email/web addresses, time, prices, past tense review, listening at normal speed
24/11/09 Food, restaurants, pronunciation, role plays
10/11/09 Conferences, listening comprehension, quantifiers, irregular verbs
20/10/09 Talking about important dates in history
13/10/09 Talking about change, second conditional
06/10/09 Past simple, waste, money, pronunciation
29/09/09 Going to a party, invitations, role plays
22/09/09 - no lesson on 15/09/09 - Spoilage, swine flu, role plays
08/09/09 Pronunciation, WWOOFing vocabulary, synonyms, role play
01/09/09 Pronunciation, error correction, As & Like
07/07/09 Talking about holidays
30/06/09 Shiftwork at Impress, grammar review, the time
23/06/09 Hiring a car, American and British words, pronunciation
16/06/09 French working practises, Public transport, prepositions
09/06/09 Eating out
02/06/09 The mills of La Bruère, French roads and driving
26/05/09 Shopping
19/05/09 Air travel dialogue, pronunciation, visiting the doctor's
12/05/09 Travelling by air, prepositions, pronunciation
05/05/09 Describing and staying at a hotel
28/04/09 Quantifiers, conference small talk, adjectives, adverbs and superlatives about experiences, die, died, dead, death
21/04/09 Work expressions using body parts, pronunciation, quantifiers
31/03/09 Uses of like, articles a, an, the, no article
24/03/09 Describing places, uses of like
17/03/09 Review of win, earn, make, gain, save, spread, listening at normal speed, describing things
10/03/09 Grammar review - faux amis, discussion about frauds, cheats and tricksters, phrasal verbs with up and out, listening at normal speed
03/03/09 Grammar review - prepositions, work, works, job, jobs, talking on the telephone, role play
24/02/09 Health discussion, grammar review - have, have got, present simple & continuous, for & during, talking on the telephone, role play
03/02/09 Politics discussion, grammar review - have, have got, be, present simple & continuous, talking on the telephone, role play
27/01/09 Needs analysis, choice of book, discussion of installation of new printing machine, discussion of Thomas Jefferson quote, Office vocabulary descriptions using "used for + gerund" and "used to + infinitive"
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