Group 5 Homework
Date Homework
01/12/09 Read the document here and discuss your ideas
24/11/09 Choose five large numbers and five prices (£, $ and €) to dictate to each other next week.
10/11/09 What are the best and worst meals you've ever had?
20/10/09 What was the last conference you went to? What was it about?
13/10/09 Pick an important date in history and describe what happened on that date
06/10/09 If you had to change your career, what would you do and why?
29/09/09 What is the biggest waste of money of all time and why?
22/09/09 Describe the last party you went to
08/09/09 Are you worried about swine flu? If so, why? If not, why not?
01/09/09 Discuss a news item that interests you
07/07/09 Try to practise English by watching English films or listening to English radio
30/06/09 As last week - describe the last party you went to
23/06/09 Describe the last party you went to
16/06/09 Public transport Identify the main parts of a car
09/06/09 Describe the last time you travelled by public transport
02/06/09 As last week - describe the last time you went out for a meal
26/05/09 Describe the last time you went out for a meal
19/05/09 Describe a memorable shopping experience
12/05/09 Complete the dialogues with the correct phrase a-j click here
05/05/09 What can go wrong when you fly?
28/04/09 Describe a hotel and its facilities
21/04/09 Complete Ex D & E in the handout on quantifiers
31/03/09 Students' book page 88 Ex 3 & 4 and, if necessary, Workbook page 48 Ex 2 & 3. Expressions
24/03/09 Workbook page 46 Ex 4 & 5
17/03/09 Choose an anglophone city and describe its highlights.
10/03/09 Student's book page 49 Ex. 5, Workbook page 28 Ex. 2 & 3. Describe an object/thing for everyone to guess
03/03/09 Write a paragraph about a fraud, cheat or trickster. What did they do and how were they caught?
24/02/09 Complete these telephone exercises click here
03/02/09 Listen to the following telephone message at normal speed and answer these questions: What’s the caller’s name?, What’s the company’s name?, What’s the product’s name?, What’s the problem?, Until what date will she be away?, By what time does she need to be called back?, What’s her phone number? click here
27/01/09 Listen to this story, then read it. Next week we will discuss the following questions: What are President Obama's priorities? Do you think he will succeed? Why? click here
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