Group 6 Classwork
Date Activities
10/12/09 Discussion about family and Christmas, pronunciation of verbs and nouns which are spelled the same
03/12/09 Changes, trends, passive & active, listening comprehension, pronunciation, making a presentation
26/11/09 Prononciation, food, role plays
12/11/09 Managing people, modals, role play, dictation, listening comprehension
22/10/09 Etiquette and image, must, have to, need to, role play
15/10/09 Asking for help, recommendations and advice, role plays
08/10/09 Second conditional, ethics
01/10/09 Talking about the future using the first conditional
24/09/09 Swine flu, role plays
17/09/09 Emails
10/09/09 Taiwan, quantifiers, intonation
03/09/09 Revision, invitations, role plays
09/07/09 Listening, pronunciation, revision of tenses & irregular verbs
02/07/09 Talking about women in management, future tenses, listening
25/06/09 Talking about the environment, listening & pronunciation, identifying common mistakes, welcoming visitor role plays
18/06/09 Giving directions, ecotourism, listening & pronunciation
11/06/09 Meetings, dates, present perfect & past simple, pronunciation
04/06/09 Past simple, present perfect simple & continuous, pronunciation
28/05/09 Quantifiers, talking about news, pronunciation
14/05/09 Globalisation, trade and economy, quantifiers, pronunciation
07/05/09 Talking about fashion, pronunciation
30/04/09 Visiting the doctor, pronunciation. stereotypes, comparatives
23/04/09 Expressions using body parts, pronunciation, prepositions
02/04/09 Talking about Australia, tourist attractions and accommodation, listening at normal speed
26/03/09 Professional responsibilities, welcoming visitors
19/03/09 Describing past experiences, expressions to show interest and interrupt, job responisbilities
12/03/09 Likes and dislikes, career changes, past simple & past continuous
05/03/09 Telephoning, listening at normal speed, Edinburgh, likes and dislikes, role play
26/02/09 Business organisation, grammar review - have, have got, present simple & continuous, for & during, listening at normal speed, telephone role plays
5/02/09 Listening at normal speed, preposition gap fill dictation, business organisation synonyms, phrases and questions.
29/01/09 Grammar review - be, have, have got, present simple & continuous, pronunciation, working internationally, role play
22/01/09 Needs analysis, choice of book, pronunciation practise, New Year's Resolutions collocations, Office vocabulary descriptions using "used for + gerund" and "used to + infinitive"
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