Group 6 Homework
Date Homework
03/12/09 Read the document here and discuss your ideas
26/11/09 Answer the question at the end of the food dialogue here and page 96, The words you need Ex 1. Complete the table.
12/11/09 Page 80, Complete the dialogues
22/10/09 Page 75 Ex 2 & 3
15/10/09 Describe some Japanese customs and etiquette
08/10/09 Discuss a news item of your choice
01/10/09 Complete the exercises here
24/09/09 What will the world be like in 2088?
17/09/09 Page 79 Ex 1, Are you worried about swine flu? If so, why? If not, why not?
10/09/09 Complete the quantifier exercises here Bring in a typical email and reply
03/09/09 Describe Taiwan: as a tourist destination, its government & economy, its population and geography
09/07/09 Revision 1, pages 54 & 55. Try to practise English by watching English films or listening to English radio
02/07/09 2% of board members are women. What is your opinion about this and how would you improve this situation?
25/06/09 Describe your holiday plans
18/06/09 Page 43, The words you need - Ex 1 & 2
11/06/09 Explain the directions from Impress to your house
04/06/09 Describe the last meeting you attended
28/05/09 Match each item of news with the best response News
14/05/09 Talk about an item of news that interests you
07/05/09 What does globalisation mean to you?
30/04/09 Comparatives
23/04/09 Ex D & E on handout
02/04/09 Expressions
26/03/09 Talk about what you can see and do in one of the following countries: Australia, New Zealand or Tasmania
19/03/09 Write about your job responsibilities in the form of a job description
12/03/09 Choose a topic from It's time to talk on page 20 to discuss
05/03/09 What do you really like and what can't you stand and why?
26/02/09 Do some research about Edinburgh. What is Edinburgh like?
05/02/09 Create your own organisation - company name, core business, founded, number of employees, organised into, number of countries, market share, turnover, strong points, weak points
29/01/09 Create your own character - name, lives in…, travelling to…, travelling reason, company, company operations, job title, responsibilities, business situation, business travel?
22/01/09 Listen to this story, then read it. Next week we will discuss the following questions: What are President Obama's priorities? Do you think he will succeed? Why? click here
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