Language Learning Ideas


  • Use the telephone more with English-speaking contacts.
  • Organise English-speaking zones at work.
  • Organise English-speaking break times, lunches or dinners
  • Record yourself speaking and learn from the playback.
  • Sing along to English songs.
  • Look at the pronunciation practise page.


  • Listen to English language radio.
  • Watch television in VO without French subtitles.
  • Listen to English music.
  • Listen to yourself when you speak English - record yourself.
  • Look at the listening practise page.

Vocabulary / Reading

  • Read an English newspaper or magazine regularly.
  • Read English books.
  • Visit English language sites on the internet.
  • Read aloud.
  • When watching a dvd (in French) turn on the subtitles in English.
  • Keep a notebook of new vocabulary that you learn.
  • Look at the vocabulary resources page.


  • Do exercises in a self-study grammar book or online.
  • Keep a notebook of tenses and irregular verbs that you learn.
  • Pay attention to the grammar when you read.
  • Learn examples as well as rules and then practise using what you have learnt.
  • Notice when you make a grammar mistake and try to correct it in the future.
  • Look at the grammar resources page.
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